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Sophie Bubb swimming in open water
Sophie Bubb diving into water at a triathlon


£80 Per Session

Often it isn't possible to meet up for face to face sessions, however high quality and individualised stroke correction can be delivered when an athlete submits their own film footage. This footage can then be edited to highlight areas for stroke improvement, with clear explantations & demonstrations to help reinforce the correction.


A useful tool that can be referred back to time and again. Sharing swimming development with Sophie also helps ensure that the appropriate drills are being set for athletes scheduled session. 



£50 Per Hour

​For fitness, for fun, for competitions, adventure, or mental health, sessions can be delivered 1-2-1 or as a group. Each session is tailored to the athletes needs, from first time sea swimmers wanting to gain confidence and acclimatise to triathletes training for World Championships looking to fine tune their open water swimming techniques like  buoy turns and racing starts, or people keen for a 'swim safari' adventure around the beautiful mud canals of the Solent.

Coached sessions run in the sea from May until October, the rest of the year sessions will be delivered in the pool.


£50 Per Hour

Designed for swimmers of all levels, it is fantastic way to improve stroke mechanic and clearly identify individual areas of for improvement.


During the session a camera will be submerged into the pool to record what is actually happening. The swimmer and Sophie can then sit poolside to play back the video and discuss areas for improvement, before the swimmer then reenters the pool to practice.  

At the end of the session the swimmer is given a copy of the recorded session along with drills to help imbed the necessary changes.

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