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Sophie Bubb cycling for Great Britain in the British triathlon team
Sophie Bubb running for Great Britain in the British triathlon team

Sophie specialises in middle distance & long distance triathlon and whilst she offers discounts for groups who are training for a specific event, she generally coaches on a  1-2-1 basis, which is delivered remotely.

All coaching packages offer dedicated and professional advice

Regardless of experience, they are tailored to meet individual needs and are adapted as fitness improves and goals are achieved. They are designed to enable the athlete to:​​

Go Faster & Avoid Injury

From working with beginners to elite athletes the aim is to see quantifiable performance improvements achieved safely.


Manage Goals

Working together we can set, manage and work towards realistic goals, with a pathway to success clearly mapped out. 

Manage Time

Sessions are focused on ensuring maximum training impact, with no 'junk' miles. Regardless of the coaching package each session will have clear objectives and purpose.

Train Consistently

Help with prioritising the many unavoidable obstacles that get in the way of training

Training Peaks logo
Training Peaks software desktop application example
Training Peaks software desktop application example
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Monitoring your progress

She uses a platform called Training Peaks (which athletes will need to download), this is a mobile and desktop application dedicated to smart and effective endurance training. It is an incredibly powerful tool for monitoring progress, viewing set sessions and for communicating between coach and athlete.

All sessions are clearly laid out, emailed to the athlete daily, automatically added to a personal calendar, can be uploaded to a watch/bike computer and are colour coded to confirm if the session has been competed correctly.

Athletes are asked to add comments post sessions to give them context and to help monitor them. This level of communication helps avoid injury, or sickness through over training and helps me ensure they are being pushed at the correct level.

Sessions can be monitored remotely through a variety of different metrics including heart rate, pace/speed, power.

Sophie Bubb competing for Great Britain as part of the British triathlon team

Triathlon Packages

Image by Pierre Bamin


£120 Per Month

Training programmes

Planned approx one week and up to a month (if preferred), with some flexibility to adapt sessions to fit with changes in your weekly schedule, if on occasions sessions are missed. It’s the athletes responsibility to send their availability over in advance.


Monthly catch up when required, either over the phone, on FaceTime, or in person where possible.


Nothing too full on here, but just enough to help us plan smart for races.

Race Planning

Together come up with a game plan for race day, including specific pacing targets, scenario planning and adaptation, plus motivational tools.

Kit selection

Where required, very happy to help here, act as a sounding board and in some cases acquire discounts too.

Race Nutrition

General plan on how to fuel your self during the race.

Image by Katie Harp


£180 Per Month

Gold Triathlon package offers in addition to Silver:


Weekly contact on the phone, FaceTime and the option of me visiting you for catch up, training sessions and general support at additional cost.


For when sessions are missed so the training plan is adapted to fit with lifestyle demands. 

Tools and exercises

To help with preparing the mind for racing


Reviewing workout files and giving feedback a minimum of twice a week. 

Sophie Bubb cycling

Additional Support

Additional coaching support is offered for:

  • Run Technique Analysis

  • Cycle Power Testing

  • Transition Training

  • Open Water Swim Technique and Training Help

  • Swim Pacing and Stroke Rate Analysis

These are charged at £50 per hour

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