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Sophie Bubb running on a road during a triathlon

"My goal as a coach is to build the confidence of my athletes, so they have the courage to challenge their limits and achieve their goals, be it a 5 km run, a first open water swim or an Ironman World Championship ."

coaching for all abilities

Triathlon, Swimming, Running, Personal Training & Sailing

Sophie will help you find a way to incorporate your training into your day, whilst balancing life's other priorities. She understands it can be demanding juggling between work, family and the millions of other things that get in the way of training. Her approach relies on time efficient and focused training sessions, with clear objectives and the opportunity to make training an enjoyable part of life.


Training can be the best part of your day. Sophie can help you get there with her personalised sessions and ongoing support. Regardless of your experience or goals, sessions are tailored to meet your needs. From personal training for general fitness, to top-level international competition, Sophie can get you where you want to go, whilst having fun along the way. 

Sophie Bubb cycling during a triathlon

Coaching packages

Services include in-person and online coaching for triathlon, along with swim and run specific coaching, personal training and sailing. Sophie works with clients all over the world. 

About Sophie

Sophie believes that with the right approach, anything is possible and that success comes from having the ability to believe in oneself, coupled with the imagination to set big enough goals. Having only ever participated in sports recreationally, her professional athletic career didn't start until after she had children and it wasn't straight forward; you can read all about that journey in this Daily Mail article. 

"I genuinely love coaching, the satisfaction of helping others progress and watching the enjoyment this brings is truly magical. "

She has raced all over the world, including as an elite Great Britain triathlete at both European and World championship level. She now enjoys helping other people to reach their goals.



It's all a juggle, training effectively and staying motivated, is important but so is finding the balance between training and life. Managing a work, life and training balance is tough, programmes are designed specifically around each athletes' goals, lifestyle and commitments.

Accountability, Motivation & Feedback

Knowing that someone will review a session and give feedback is a big motivator. It can also be useful to have an enthusiastic and positive person to talk to; someone to share your training & racing journey with.


There is so much more to triathlon than just swim, bike and run. Having an experienced triathlon coach can help ensure you spend your resources wisely though kit selection, event planning, clear goal setting and everything else triathlon related.


Having a clear game plan on race day helps ensure a focused and calm mind. Based on her past experiences, Sophie can help here with specific race day pacing targets and will deliver a thoroughly researched and detailed race plan to maximise your potential.

Sophie Bubb cycling for Great Britain in a triathlon


  • British Triathlon Federation Level 2 Triathlon Coach

  • Ironman University Certified Coach

  • Training Peaks University Qualified

  • British Triathlon Federation Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Swimming Teachers Association Level 2 Instructor & Level 2 Safety 

  • British Triathlon Open Water Swim Coach

  • Royal Yachting Association Dinghy Sailing Instructor

Ironman Certified Coach Badge



  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management for Athletic Performance

  • These are:​​


“Thank you so much for all your guidance and advice, for putting up with the constant changes in schedule and ultimately for believing in me and pushing me to do things I'd have had no chance of doing on my own. I'll never forget the 5 hour turbo session in the hotel room in Hong Kong that's for sure, but on race day I thought about it and it made me stronger. You're not only an incredibly talented triathlete but a great coach who listens and understands individual needs, and I feel very lucky to have been coached by you. No way would I be an Ironman athlete without you!!”

Joanne Clarke at Challenge Wanaka 2018 AG Podium and Ironman 70.3 2018 World Championships qualifier

Joanne Clarke

Challenge Wanaka 2018 AG Podium and Ironman 70.3 2018 World Championships qualifier

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